Five types of weight loss foods

1) Foods rich in water
Foods with high water content are often low-calorie, low-energy-density foods, usually fresh fruits and vegetables, and have a strong satiety.

2) Foods rich in dietary fiber
Eating dietary fiber-rich foods for weight loss is very helpful in enhancing satiety. Because dietary fiber will swell with water, it will become larger when it enters the stomach, it will not be digested and absorbed, and it will not add extra calories to the body.

3) Foods rich in protein
After the protein enters the body, it takes longer to digest and metabolize. Therefore, a feeling of fullness can be maintained for a long time, which has a certain effect on controlling the amount of food.

4) Foods rich in vitamins
Vitamins are essential nutrients for maintaining human health. Vitamin B2 helps to promote fat metabolism; vitamin C can synthesize carnitine to help accelerate the breakdown and burning of fat.

5) Foods rich in minerals
Increasing the intake of calcium, iron, potassium and other mineral nutrients in the diet can effectively help lose weight, reduce body fat and blood sugar, and improve the body's metabolic level.