<div class= How to relieving pain at home
Ms Ada Yu talks about how to keeping daily care at home.
							<div class= How daily posture affect foot health
Ms Ada Yu talks about the importance of having good posture and keeping foot healthy.
							<div class= How to choose suitable shoes for exercise and hiking?
Ms Ada Yu shares tips on how to choose appropriate shoes for exercise to avoid injury.
							<div class= Exercise for wearing high heels
Ms. Yu talks about the impacts on feet wearing high heels long-term and demonstrates related exercises to relieve foot pain.
							<div class= Getting good health in 100 days
Ms. Yu shares advice on changing your bad habits and gaining good health in 100 days on Sing Pao Column today.
							<div class= MIND Diet slows cognitive decline with aging
The Rush University Medical Center in the United States merged the two dietary patterns of the “Mediterranean Diet” and the “Dash Diet” into a “MIND Diet” in 2015. The diet has a good preventive effect on cognitive impairment and neurodegeneration.

After 5 years of follow-up research, it is found that the elderly who follow the MIND diet have reduced risk of developing mild cognitive impairment (which is associated with Alzheimer’s), also, they are 7.5 cognitive years younger on average.
							<div class= More on Reminiscence Therapy
Our previous post was on Dementia, this post we would like to talk about Reminiscence Therapy, a method frequently used to treat Dementia.
							<div class= More on Physiotherapy
Physiotherapists help restore body’s function and movement when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.
							<div class= Singing strengthens the immune system
According to research conducted by the University of Frankfurt, singing can boost the immune system.
							<div class= 5 work from home tips
People have been working from home in the past few weeks, and may have various degree of shoulder, neck, chest and hand pain, and this may be attributed to extended time in using laptop and mobile phones. Moreover, there are no formal office chair equipment in the home, which can worsen neck posture, and lead to rounded back or even numbness.
							<div class= How high heels affect your body?
Ms Yu shares advice on foot conditions associated with wearing high heels and how to alleviate symptoms.
							<div class= Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to enhance psychological and physical well being.
							<div class= Five types of weight loss foods
Choose the right food for less weight gain
							<div class= 5 Ways to motivate yourself to exercise
Here are some tips that you may find helpful to motivate yourself to exercise after work.
							<div class= Sweet potato diet
Sweet potatoes are low-calorie, low-fat and satiety foods. The following three ways to have sweet potatoes are more beneficial for weight loss.
							<div class= Capital Entrepreneurs Magazine Interview
Okay Healthcare Founder- Ada and CTO- Louis were invited to share their experience and views on the opportunities that the Greater Bay Area policy brings to enterprises.