【Smart & Healthy Living】OK Care x Lutheran Centre for the Elderly 17/04

OK CARE provides a series of health talks to different organizations including community centers, elderly centers, charities, non-profit organizations, private companies, etc. during the year. Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals have delivered health information to the public. The seminars are diverse and include fun activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

On April 17, the Lutheran Ma Tau Wai Elderly Center invited a physiotherapist from OK Care to introduce aerobic fitness to the elderly. The seminar covered the diseases that can be prevented by aerobic fitness and the changes it can bring to the body, how to develop good living habits, the difference between aerobic exercise and weight-bearing exercise, and how aerobic fitness can manage the three highs. During the seminar, the physiotherapist introduced high-intensity intermittent aerobic exercise suitable for the elderly. During the 20-minute exercise experience, the participants were able to stretch their muscles and bones together with the elderly members, thus achieving good health benefits.

During the seminar and the exercise experience, a group of elderly friends not only gained a lot of health information, but also seized the opportunity to learn aerobic exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist. The response was very positive and we look forward to organizing other seminars and workshops with the Centre again.