【Smart & Healthy Living】OK Care x BCT financial Limited

OK CARE provides a series of health talks to different organizations including community centers, elderly centers, charities, non-profit organizations, private companies, etc. during the year. Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals have delivered health information to the public. The seminars are diverse and include fun activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

On May 24th, Ms. Ada Yu, Founder and Registered Physiotherapist of OK Care, organized a health seminar with the clients of BCT Financial Limited and thanked all participants for their enthusiastic participation and support. The seminar was not only full of professional knowledge, but also full of laughter and interaction. The physiotherapist explained in detail the structure and function of muscles and introduced various effective muscle training methods. Participants actively interacted with each other and learned how to train properly to avoid sports injuries. In the section on joint health, we also shared practical tips on preventing and relieving joint pain, and led the participants to perform some easy-to-follow joint protection exercises. Participants were greatly benefited and learned a lot of tips on how to protect their joints in daily life. As for the demonstration and practice of flexibility training, it started from basic stretching movements and gradually progressed to more complicated flexibility training. The atmosphere of the seminar was enthusiastic, with everyone learning and exchanging ideas in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

At the end of the seminar, each participant had an on-site health consultation with the physiotherapist to identify their problems in different parts of the body and how to take care of themselves. The seminar also included the use of rehabilitation exercises and other simple home rehabilitation equipment for relaxation, as well as the correction of some common posture problems of urbanites. Participants came away with not only practical health knowledge, but also relief from their existing pain problems.