【Smart & Healthy Living】OK Care x Yau Tong Community Hall

OK Care provided a series of health talks on different topics for different organizations including community centers, elderly centers, charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, private companies, etc. This year, OK Care provided a series of health talks for the public on the theme of “Aerobic Fitness for the Elderly”. Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals provided health information to the public. The seminars are diverse and include fun activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

On April 30th, OK Care and other partners will organize a Healthy Living Day at the Yau Tong Community Hall. Mrs. Ada Yu, registered physiotherapist and founder of OK Care, and Mr. Poon Tsz Long, physiotherapist, will give a talk on pain management, physiotherapy, fall protection and home safety for the elderly. There will also be booths with different age-appropriate games for family members and elderly to participate and win prizes.

Date: 30/04/2024

Time: 2pm to 6pm

Venue: Yau Tong Community Hall

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