OK Care Present- Preventive exercise series - Foot

Have you ever paid attention to foot health? The foot provides us a base of support, allowing us to stand and walk stably. Regular exercise and stretching are recommended to maintain foot health. Without proper foot care, it may possibly lead to foot disorders such as Plantar Fasciitis and Hallux Valgus. A condition when the plantar fascia is inflamed and causes stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot and near the heel. A range of treatment options is available for Plantar Fasciitis including physiotherapy, stretching exercise, orthopedic shoes. Not only limited in physical treatments, supplements like krill oil can be used to reduce inflammation and improve symptoms.


Foot Exercise

Foot exercise will strengthen your feet by keeping it strong and flexible, reducing muscle soreness, ankle pain and lower the chance of foot disorders.


Nutra Solution – Krill Oil

Krill oil extracting from Antarctic Krill contains Omega-3 which can help fight inflammation, it also improves soft tissue regeneration and reduce joint discomfort.

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