OK Care Present- Preventive exercise series - Neck and Shoulders 2

Our neck works more than moving our head, the cervical spine shields the spinal cord and allow the nervous system function normally. Regular exercise and stretching strengthen neck muscles protects cervical spine. Poor posture or neck injuries may cause cervical spine disorders and nerve root compression. Symptoms include numbness or tingling in fingers or hands, muscle weakness, lack of coordination and loss of reflex in arms or legs. Common approaches such as physiotherapy, stretching exercise and medication are used to improve symptoms. Supplement neuronal containing vitamins and minerals provide essential elements for regeneration of nerve can also be used to relief pain.


Neck Exercise

Neck exercise will strength neck muscles, release tension, reduce stiffness and correct the alignment of the cervical spine.


Biocinalis+ Neuronal

Neuronal is a nutritious food designed for natural pain relief, it contains vitamins and minerals which helps to improve renewal of damaged nerves.

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