Kid Developmental Tips

Some potential problems are common in children and youngsters between the ages
of 6 and 15. Early identification and targeted training and rehabilitation, will greatly
improve symptoms and enhance development.
If your child has any of the followings, it may be due to an underlying problem
growing up:
1. Thigh and calf muscle twitching or knee pain after physical activities/ excursion.
It is possible that the bones of the child are elongated, but connecting muscles and
tendons do not grow proportionally, resulting in tighter muscles and joints.
2. Poor neck and upper back posture will lead to "poking chin" or "round shoulders".
Nowadays, people were always on their phones, keeping them in a bowing head
posture. After a long period, the extensor muscles of the upper back became
relatively weak to maintain sustained upright posture. It negatively affects the
development of the child and hinders learning.
3. Uneven base during walking or running will increase the chance of falling. Flat feet
or weak foot muscles could be the possible reasons resulting in poor balance and
foot-eye coordination.