Management of chronic pain by HYDROTHERM Professional Moist heat Pad

Heat therapy is generally used for chronic pain or injuries that no active inflammation with swelling are found on the painful site. On the other hand, cold therapy is the best choice if you will need for acute injuries and pain such as sprained ankles, pulled muscles during the immediate 24-72 hours to reduce inflammation and internal bleeding.


HYDROTHERM Professional Moist heat pad is used for heat therapy, enhancing blood flow to muscles and soft tissues and transport oxygen and nutrients to the area in turns promoting the repair of the damaged tissues. Other benefits included the relaxation of muscle and improving flexibility. The special feature of applying moist heat improves penetration to deeper tissues for more effective treatment outcomes. Ideally, heat therapy is combined with other physiotherapy treatments such as mobilization, massage, and stretching exercise to achieve the best outcome for chronic pain.


HYDROTHERM Professional Moist heat pad

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